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Clipper 3.6.1 now available!

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Clipper is NOT a shareware program so you DON'T have to register it if you want to use it after the 15-day trial period.

As of October 6, 2015, Clipper is considered FREEWARE.

The program itself has not been modified (still asks you to register) but a FREE LICENSE is granted to everybody.

FREE LICENSE DETAILS to activate Clipper

Name: FREEWAREUse FULL CAPS, otherwise it won't validate.

E-mail: @ Yes, only a single @ character, nothing else.

License key:
Sorry but CAsE MaTTeRs. Try to copy-paste it or you'll go nuts trying to type without any mistakes.

If you cannot activate with this data, double-check everything. Check if there are no extra spaces (happens when copy-pasting), no character case errors or anything like that.

You are allowed to redistribute this data legally. You are NOT allowed to sell this data.

The reason to give the license away for free is that the development of Clipper has stopped long time ago.

If you really like Clipper, you can still "buy" the license to show your appreciation. In return, you'll get a personal license with your own name and e-mail instead of the now-standard "FREEWARE".

You can also donate by other means: wire transfer, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, whateveryoulikeCoin, or something else. Ask for details by contacting me.

Personal license costs only EUR 15.00 and is very easy

To donate, just click here and click the QuickBuy button. You will be asked for your registration and payment information. Then, after the payment has been received, you will get an e-mail with your license information in 2 days maximum but usually on the next day.

Registration is via Share-It which is one of the most secure Internet payment systems

Click here to donate EUR 15.00

Note to free e-mail users. You cannot use some free e-mail hosts when dealing with Share-It. If you have an e-mail Share-it does not accept, you have to create another one.

It is also possible to pay with an international money order, or if you are an EU citizen you can also use wire transfer. For more information on these options, send me an e-mail.
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